#05: BAM or WHAM?

So true. But there’s more to this.

This has become a fact: Consumers are exceptionally selective in the many ads and promotions they are exposed to daily.

You know your target audience will go out there and buy your product. But why are they not doing so? How do we ensure that your brand message doesn’t fall through the cracks?

Here are some of our thoughts:

Be Part of the Clique You know your product best – you know it will sell. Now, how can you sell them to this specific group of Tai-Tai’s from Brand X? What do you tell this group of millennials that your product is YOLO, OMG, AH-MAZINGGG?

Get to know your audience and be relevant to them – get your market insights and strategies right.

Take them on a straight path Cut down on the jargon and industry speak. Tell them what they want to know, and tell it quick and straight – what will compel them to buy; tell them what they don’t know; most of all, tell them what will solve their problems.

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