#07: It’s in Your DNA

Before deciding on where you want your brand to go, you will need to figure out the essence which make up its core.

The end result will determine this: What are people seeing now when they come across your brand, or when your brand name comes up in conversations? In other words, how do people identity with your brand?

At STE11AR, we believe that the foundations have to be unshakable in order to hold the façade. It’s like what they call being beautiful inside and out. How do we do that? Here are some elements we have identified which can get things started – We call it the AR11 Standard™:

Brand Personality If your brand can speak, what do you think it will say?

Brand Values What does your brand represent? How do you want to use these values to spark sworn loyalty?

Brand Promise What are the intangible emotions you want to evoke when people come into contact with your brand? For us, it can only mean one thing: #BrandLOVE that lasts a lifetime.

Product Features What makes your product stand out? How do we leverage on these attributes in our core messaging?

To find out what makes up the entire S11 Standard™, feel free to get in touch with us. Say hello@ste11ar.my

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