#08: Who Are You, Really?

Following our last post on Brand DNA, what is equally important is Brand Identity. How people see us as a brand, what they are saying about us; and ultimately, whether buy what we are saying/selling.

These days, thanks to technology and big, bold creative ideas, there are tons of products vying for our attention. Each has its own stake of the pie, each claims to be something. When there’s a new, awesome product, we naturally want consumers to know everything about it. However, at times, consumers get bombarded by the excitement happening all at once.

How do we ensure that we get across everything we want to say, while creating an affinity with our target audience? We have identified two main essentials which will get the ball rolling:

Brand Strategy

The mastermind of a strong brand. The underbelly of clever branding. It all starts here.

Our Brains+Thoughts team craft identities which are key drivers in driving your brand forward. We do not follow templates to solve problems; we rely on customer psychology, lots of logic, some market statistics, with a drizzle of emotions.

Visual / Messaging Customization

Content Strategy – the foundation of Brand Identity creation. What is the first impression we want to project? How do we maintain this perception with additional messaging that will augment the current? How do we further supplement our messaging with visuals that deliver a holistic communication campaign?

Our Words+Meaning team put things into perspective by ensuring that every communication crafted is based on a powerful insight that resonates with our audience. No fluff, no excruciatingly long essays – just words, with meaning that cut straight through the clutter.

Come talk to us about how you identify with your brand.

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