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There was a time when social media was called “Social Networking Sites”, or “New Media”. At our town hall last week, our Account Director recounted how she based her thesis on the perception of advertising on these platforms where people were still “socially awkward” and were “reluctant to trust online sources”. That was 2008.

What an interesting era to be alive in! In just 6 years, social media has evolved so much, even instilling the sense of FOMO in people whenever they’re not connected. While this has created huge opportunities for brands, it has also created an “illusion” that every business has to get social in order to hit a certain KPI. How true is this, really?

In our previous postings, we have highly stressed on the importance of being relevant to our audience. How so for social media marketing?

By starting with the quality of your messaging. Are you adding value do we add value and providing them with information they can benefit from? Does your social media page complement other media touch-points?

Some brands we think are doing a fab job with audience engagement:

myBurgerLab They have done a ste11ar job in getting their users engaged. They communicate team spirit and unity by having a company culture which highlights on its people. This is a brand which truly believes that brand-building starts from the inside.

Airbnb Cannot begin to tell you how much we adore this brand! They go beyond telling you about accommodation. They want you to be a part of every place you go to – to really take in the sights, eat, behave and think like a local. They weave in stories in each postings, from the hosts, to the history of the homes and consumers. #wanderlust mode ON.

Fitbit We like how they don’t throw fitness in our faces. They breathe motivation through fun facts, awesome visuals and subtle conditioning. Cannot wait to hit the gym already

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