#11: It Doesn’t Have to be Collateral Damage

Forgive us for the pun in the title, but hear (or read) us out.

Today, we are going to talk about collaterals. They are the most common way of advertising a brand, yet, it is so often misunderstood as “easy to do” that it can lead to a colossal branding mistake (hence, collateral damage).

Ok, serious mode #ON.

Collaterals are informative, physical and act as visual aids when selling our brands. They can act as effective tools in supporting other marketing efforts. They are also responsible for helping to craft your brand personality.

So, what goes into a good collateral? Here are a few quality things to look out for:


This lays the foundation to a good collateral. Imagine having a wealth of amazing information you’re sharing with your consumers, but the words are not legible. Keep it simple – easy-to-read fonts conveys information more easily, and are etched in the memory for a longer time.

Content Length Get straight to the point. Be descriptive, not long-winded. No sugar-coating, no essay writing.


Complement your words with images which are compelling – invest in stock images or a photoshoot to get the desired outcome. Go for aspirational, rather than transformational. Keep it real, and yes, simple.

Colours It is a tough decision to make. Well, not really.

Rule no. 1 Think from your brand’s perspective – what do you want to convey? Does your green logo go well with that orang background? What are your brand colours? Keep to them.

Rule no. 2 Think from your consumer’s shoes – am I able to read every word properly? Are the font colours clashing with the visual colour? In short, are they consumer-friendly and ensure good eye flow?

Last of all, research, research, research. Or why not call us for a consultation at +603 1166 8188?

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