#15: KOFFee + wHine Part II

We continue our feature series, KOFFee + wHine, this week with our Co-Founder and Business Director, Raynaldo Lopez.

Ray is born to be an entrepreneur – that was the first impression he had, and still has, on us. His ability to look beyond and quick-wits are just surface qualities he has trained himself to acquire over the years. He has carved out an outstanding career in Real Estate, but being someone with drive and ambition, or in his own words, being “unable to sit still”, he has also ventured into Arts, Media and Digital.

Our team grabbed the Founder of Cactus Digital for a quick beer and got him talking about the industry, his hopes and vision.

Name your role model(s), and the qualities he/she possess which have helped mould you in your career.

There are two of them, and they have helped develop me when I was growing up, and in my career.

The first one has to be my Dad. He instilled in me the utmost rule of not only living my life, but also in my businesses – and that is always doing things “The Right Way”.

The second one is Steve Jobs. The qualities he had helped build my business foresight and acumen in the smallest things. He was not the guy behind the tech, but he is one of the greatest visionaries the modern world has seen to date.

What is your vision for STELLAR Group? I think we have a strong business model and a firm 5-year plan. Ultimately, we will want to be seen as a company that goes beyond branding, digital and advertising. For now, we are here to disrupt the current landscape, and in doing so, build a reliable network and lay down a solid foundation.

How did you start Cactus Digital, and how did you arrive at the decision to join STE11AR?

Cactus Digital was started as a stepping stone from my past failures. It was built from integrating my learnings from my past ventures, and new ideas.

My decision to join STE11AR was a simple one; a match made in heaven. Combining digital and branding is a no-brainer as they are essential to each of its growth. What they can do together, like what Audrey previously mentioned, is even more far-reaching – I see them as a complete eco-system for any brand looking to make a mark.

How has Cactus Digital evolved since Day One?

We started off as an online media company, and with the competition today, we have shifted to focus on digital marketing. And by that, we mean being guardians of the overall digital branding infrastructure. We still have plans in the future to go back to our forte, but with time and the right talents.

What do you think are the 5 top qualities a leader should have?

Always Inspired, Commitment, Strategically Creative, Far-Sighted, Focused.

I will also like to share another personal motto which I live by: If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.

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