#16: KOFFee + wHine Part III

This week, our spotlight shines bright on our Business Development Manager, Graeme Kho.

With a background in Property Valuation, he is currently attached to an up-and-coming real-estate agency. Graeme’s passion for both real estate and advertising runs deep. He is living his dream by dabbling in the two industries.

We took this busy man out to brunch, and it didn’t take long before we started talking about business, passion and dreams.

Name 5 things which are important to you.

First and foremost, family. This is because without them, i am nothing. They give me the inspiration and drive to wake up early every day and to do my best in what ever it is that i am doing, always.

I am blessed to have amazing friends around me all the time, so that is definitely second.

With my mum being the best cook in the world, and having an amazing brother who is a chef both trained and based in Melbourne, it is a no brainer that food is life but that comes third.

Fitness is fourth, because health is indeed wealth. You may find that you are way ahead of a lot of things in life, but whether or not you can physically take it is a whole new different story. Always find time to pamper and take care of yourself.

Last but not least is my love for music. Being a pianist myself, there is always something new to learn and improve on, same goes on with life. Never too late to start learning! Tell us more about how you decided to add advertising and communications to your portfolio.

All businesses these days need advertising. It somehow not only adds value to an existing brand, but it also helps a brand widen its possibilities.

Having to meet new people every so often, communications is key. How you make a person feel and think, is the most important thing in terms of having a long term business relationship. How do you think Branding can help play a role in the Property sector?

In the property sector nowadays, it is extremely competitive. It is the brand which will help a particular developer stay on top of their game.

There could be an oversupply of properties in the current market. But consumers will always look back not just at a reputation of a developer, but also the brand and how it stands out. How it is different from the rest, and that is all part of branding. So, yes, branding does play an exceptional role in the property sector in this modern time. What is your personal brand about?

I am a perfectionist, so staying true to my passion and taking things one step at a time is key. Work hard, play hard and most importantly, always to be the person you will want to meet.

What do you think makes a great Business Development team?

For me, it is teamwork and constantly communicating within a team. There are always going to be challenges along the way, but if a team is willing to work together and communicate, i believe that nothing is impossible to overcome.

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