#17: KOFFee + wHine – Guest Edition

“Perhaps, in the end, there are no such things as creative people; there are only sharp observers with sensitive hearts.” – Yasmin Ahmad

In our lives and careers, we meet people who captivate us with their infectious fervour, passion and conviction, that we can expect to learn and be inspired by them in so many aspects. Our interviewee this week is such a person.

We speak to our Production Partner, Miss Venus Khor, on Rising One Media, her many entrepreneurial adventures, and her role as a Professional Dream Builder and International Storyteller.

How did Rising One Media come about? And what are the other ventures you have dabbled into?

I co-founded this creative video production company back in August 2012 with my partner, Paul. We produce commercial projects for advertising agencies, ambitious corporate and commercial enterprises. As incessant creatives, we celebrate ingenuity and unique expression in various movie mediums. In short, Rising One Mediaprovides the avenue for storytelling magic and “we engage your audience” with the aim to make our client’s ideas/brands the talk of the town.

I am also currently the:

1.Founder and Managing Director of Black Diamond Media Group Sdn Bhd (Global/International Division)

2.Co-founder of The Camera Museum Sdn Bhd (The first camera museum listed in the Malaysia Book of Records)

3.Co-founder & Curator of The TeddyVille Museum Sdn Bhd

4.Co-founder & Chief Strategist of Rising One Media Sdn Bhd

Tell us more about Vgotlight, and how it has evolved since you started it.

Venus Khor / Vgotlight

I founded Vgotlight Worldwide (my personal brand) in Australia back in 2008 with the thought to help humanitarian organisations succeed by transforming their brands though human-centric brand conceptualisation. I was passionate and curious about the arts and corporate responsibility‘s engagement in the arts. have participated in numerous international volunteer teaching and news reporting at the beginning of my career and has worked as a strategic planner in the ad agency as well as lectured at KDU College and The One Academy Penang.

At this point of my career, I am focusing more on ‘making creatives physical’ by building a platform where like minded creatives/individuals get to come together, connect and celebrate our skills as a creative together. I think creatives deserve the respect from the society by contributing and making an impact through their works.

How has Branding and Digital helped in Rising One Media’s growth?

If product and services take up half of the company, the other half will have to be branding for the company itself. It certainly helps that we establish the company with the emphasis on not only our core product and services but also focus a lot in strategic branding. We wouldn’t be where we are today as one of the most preferred video producers without marketing ourselves digitally.

Malaysia has seen a boom in Penang’s tourism trade. Has this influenced Rising One’s business direction in any way?

I won’t say it has influenced our direction but the boom of tourism trade does provide a chance for us to tell our local stories in our own way and to produce more creative tourism contents that help to grow the industry/field. We are proud to be part of the change and growth.

Complete this sentence: “I am inspired by……”

…… the potential for human greatness and togetherness through my creative works.

I often carry a tagline – ‘A Yasmin Ahmad devotee who inspires’ to carry through her passions and make a change in the industry.

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