#14: LOGO // YOLO


Before we proceed to write about LOGOS today, we have to come clean about the blog title. AGAIN.

We wanted something which rhymes with Logo, and someone suddenly shouted “YOLO”.

But on second thoughts, the title does make some sense. Let us try to sell this: When starting up a company, or building up a brand name, one of the first things to create is the Logo. The moment the Logo goes live, there’s no turning back. So, in a sense, for brands and companies, your brand only lives once. Till you decide to re-brand, that is. Hence, LOGO = YOLO. #craptalking #areyoustillwithus #thanks #appreciateyourtime

Back to the topic of logos, and why they are so very important. Cue reminders of Instagram’s new logo and the rebranding of beloved Kuala Lumpur’s new logo + tagline(s). Both catastrophic in their own ways. Instagram chose to repair something which was never broken, and the people behind the KL re-branding were well, … simply the easiest clients to please.

Logos represent many things, especially a brand’s longevity which defines brand recognition. To put it plainly, it is likened to being a feng shui element of a brand.

So what are some of the things to consider when creating a logo? We have a few in mind:

1) Meanings and Culture When creating a brand logo, we need to consider cultural meanings of what certain words or illustrations can mean to different groups of people. Logos should also reflect something meaningful and purposeful about the company, whether it be the philosophy, unique proposition or vision.

2) Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

If deciding to go with a font logo, pick out a few samples which you think bring out the characteristics and identity of the brand/products. Make sure the fonts are legible and do not look like they came out from Microsoft Word ‘95.

3) Symbols, Shapes and Icons They are great representations and have been used for a very long time. However, great care needs to be taken, especially when combining more than two at a time. We will not recommend creating something too complex as it can end up saying too much all the same confusing time. The allure of logo is to lead in, and give people a taste of what the brand is about. Hence, practise SIMPLISTICITY not complexity.

Great examples:

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